Enjoy your 3D without leaving the planet
GUNNAR 3D eyewear is designed for style and comfort. Our Premium 3D Eyewear is a true balance of style and function, with no compromise on the most advanced circular polarized 3D lenses available. Pick up a pair of GUNNAR 3D and enjoy your 3D content without leaving the planet.

No batteries required, RealD Certified
GUNNAR 3D lenses are built specifically for the professional who creates and consumes content all day, every day. Circular Polarized, RealD™ compatible lenses offer distortion free polarization with wide-field viewing to enhance 3D effects. Optical quality materials maintain the highest levels of detail, resolution, and clarity. The most efficient polarizing filters give the best light transmission and brightest viewing experience possible.

Premium 3D Eyewear, RealD Certified
GUNNAR Premium 3D Eyewear with i-AMP 3D lens technology provides an enhanced experience for the most avid consumers and producers of 3D content. Compatible with all RealD 3D-equipped theaters and most passive, circular polarized monitors, laptops or TVs - GUNNAR 3D delivers a premium experience no matter your adventure.


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