How do GUNNARS help my company?


Improve Worker VisionGUNNARS relieve the symptoms of digital eye fatigue and computer vision syndrome.  In a multi-week test at three separate doctor locations, over 100 patients were interviewed before and after wearing GUNNARS.  96% percent of the test subjects reported a reduction in eyestrain associated with computer use.

A separate study conducted at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, found the following:

  • A direct correlation between proper vision correction and productivity. The more complex or repetitive the computer task, the more evident the relationship.
  • A direct correlation between proper vision correction and the time required for a computer worker to perform a task. Computer-related tasks took much longer when the subjects wore glasses with less than the optimum correction.
  • Reduced productivity even among computer users who were unaware they had vision problems. Computer users with small refractive errors may not notice any vision discomfort. But without proper vision correction, their performance on a specific task can suffer significantly — by as much as 20 percent.
  • Click HERE for a full view of the study.

Paying attention to worker vision can yield quick gains  in worker productivity and accuracy, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.

How do I order GUNNARS for my company?


We have three flexible and easy options depending on your needs and company size.

  • Option 1 –  We send the necessary materials to easily fill out your own order.
  • Option 2-  We enable our online portal.  Your employees can quickly select their own styles and enter their Rx information (if applicable).  After collecting that information we send you a detailed summary and get  approval of the online orders.
  • Option 3 –  We send a GUNNAR representative to visit your company*.  They will fit employees and collect the information for an order.

*Applicable to companies of 500+ employees.

What about employees that wear prescription glasses?


We offer a variety of options to address Rx needs.  Our sales representative will help you select the best solution for your company.  Examples below:

If your current vision insurance plan covers GUNNARS (most likely) –   We will refer your employees to local eye care professionals that specialize in custom computer prescriptions.  GUNNAR has pre-negotiated rates to minimize out-of-pocket expenses or co-pays.

If the company does not offer vision insurance –  GUNNAR will produce the Rx orders and bill at a heavily discounted rate.   In the case that the company does not want to cover all costs, split billing to the employee is possible.

What is a ‘Visual Ergonomic Evaluation’ and how does it work?


All of our sales representatives can perform a free* workplace Visual Ergonomic Evaluation.  During the visit the representative will provide analysis and recommendations regarding lighting, monitor positioning, and digital device viewing.   We can also integrate our educational tools about visual ergonomics into your existing events (eg. health & wellness fairs) or create a separate event dedicated solely to your employees’ visual health.

For companies that provide extensive ergonomic support to their workers, we encourage a paid visit from one of our medical advisers  Jeffrey Anshel OD.  As author of “Visual Ergonomics in the Workplace” and “Visual Ergonomics Handbook”, Dr. Anshel is well known throughout the eye care and ergonomic communities as a top authority in Computer Vision Syndrome.  He is also the founder of Corporate Vision Consulting and lectures frequently at events and companies regarding Visual Ergonomics.  Dr. Anshel can perform a more extensive workplace analysis, provide entertaining education to employees, and help develop company wellness programs by working with HR departments or staff ergonomists.  Click HERE to schedule a visit.

*Applicable to companies of 500+ employees.

Is the purchase process labor or time intensive?


No, we are happy to tailor any of our programs to include as little or as much interaction from the company as desired.  

What about new-hire employees?


For companies that have a large number of new-hire employees, we leave our online ordering portal open.  At a regular frequency (typically once a month) we batch all requests and send you the online orders for approval.  We have information that can be added to the corporate new hire packet to educate employees about the process and about the benefits of proper visual ergonomics.

Can you work with our existing ergonomics consultants?


Yes.   We work currently work hand-in-hand with many ergonomics consultants and are happy to work alongside yours as well.  Typically we conduct a training regarding our products and the principles of visual ergonomics.  They then become an additional means of educating your workers about the benefit of GUNNARS and can help employees select the proper pair while setting up their work space for proper visual efficiency.

What forms of payment do you accept?


We are happy to set up credit terms with companies pending a financial application; we also accept credit cards and company checks. Please contact us if you need a financial application.

Do your glasses have a warranty?


Yes, our glasses have a year-long warranty against manufacturer defects. Prescription lenses have a one year warranty.  Please call customer service with any warranty related questions. View warranty page

How do I find out more information on GUNNAR’s B2B program?


Email b2b@gunnars.com and one of our b2b specialists will get in touch with you ASAP!

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