GUNNAR Optiks Digital Eyewear is an excellent "out-of-the-box" solution for people with 20/20 vision or vision corrected 20/20 (i.e. contact lenses or with lasik eye-surgery). 

If you have prescription needs you can use our GUNNAR RX Program below: 

After you buy your GUNNAR frames you have several options:

1. Visit your nearest authorized GUNNAR Rx provider
Find the location nearest you by visiting our retail locator at

2. Visit your personal eye care provider
If your doctor is not an authorized GUNNAR Rx provider, please have them contact us
for more information on how to place your prescription order at (858) 769-2542

3. Contact GUNNAR
If you are not having any luck or still have questions then please email us at:

Charges for prescription services will depend on each individual doctor and on
the exact prescription. Some costs may be reimbursable by VSP and other insurance providers. 

Not all GUNNAR Frames are Rx Compatible