Rx designed for the Digital Generation


GUNNAR Rx proprietary lens technology customized with your prescription.

GUNNAR Rx lenses are optimized for computer viewing.

GUNNAR Rx orders are carefully inspected by certified optical lab specialists.

GUNNAR Rx orders include an eyewear case to protect your glasses.

The Science

You wouldn’t run a marathon in loafers. Don’t make your eyes perform their most demanding work without the right eyewear. General prescription eyewear isn’t optimized for computer use, it’s optimized for distance viewing. Continued near-focus work, typical of computer use, causes eye muscles to flex over extended periods of time. This cumulative eyestrain can cause headaches or even long term changes in the eye. Specialized computer eyewear made with GUNNAR i-AMP technology provides a proper computer viewing experience. With the correct focusing power provided by your optometrist, GUNNAR’s highly accurate lens design can relieve the effects of digital eye fatigue by relaxing eye muscles. When used in GUNNAR frames that wrap closely to the face, the eyes are protected from drying air currents. All GUNNAR lenses are finished with proprietary lens tints and coatings specifically tuned to optimize the type of light that comes from your computer.

The Benefit

Long term comfort increases, allowing longer sessions at the computer, game console, or mobile device without eye strain. Stress is reduced on eyes, neck and back. The full extent of the screen appears in sharp, panoramic focus, and details become easier to view.