GUNNAR Warranty covers products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original purchase date.  To be eligible for the GUNNAR Warranty, please register your eyewear and upload proof of purchase; order number or a photo of purchase receipt.

Visit to register your eyewear.

Warranty Coverage

  • Manufacturing or workmanship defects on eyewear within (1) year of purchase date
  • Frame or lens defect on Rx eyewear from within (1) year of purchase date
  • Scratched lenses are considered normal wear and tear and not covered under warranty
  • There is NO warranty coverage when an item is purchased through eBay and nonauthorized Amazon (other than GUNNAR Optiks) sellers

Warranty Claim Process

If you have registered your GUNNARS, we will repair warranty-covered eyewear within one (1) year of the purchase date.  If the style has been discontinued or out of stock, you will receive a store credit for an item of equal value on

For valid warranty claims, the purchase must have been registered through our website and accompanied by the WMA# emailed with registration confirmation.

Warranty Claim Submission

Call GUNNAR Support at 877-824-3322 or email  Please have WMA# available for GUNNAR Support Representative they will provide instructions on where to send your warranty-covered eyewear.  If you do not have your Warranty number, GUNNAR Support can provide a WMA#.

Rx Warranty Claim Submission

To submit an RX warranty claim, you can follow the directions here.